About  EugeneStarTours LLC

-Tours & Getaways

We’re offering both plan and custom tour trips for you and your friends. All of our tours are adjustable…from day trips to more involved overnight stays.  Again, door to door getaways to anywhere 4-11 of your friends.

Explore our site, and check our  Possibilities menu for ideas. Or maybe your group would like to do something different. See what’s happening, checking out many other  Event Calendars and Links. Then getting back with us of your idea tour, and we’ll talk about plans, diversions, your tour and how we can help.

At EugeneStar -Tours & Getaways, our drivers accommodate our customers. Most of our drivers are drivers, prior taxi, ride-sharing and truck drivers who feel privileged to serve you. We are focused on you and your group’s good time. We want you to relax and have fun knowing you are in safe hands with EugeneStar -Tours & Getaways.

EugeneStar Tours- Getaways was started by a few local professional drivers who saw the need in Eugene for a safe getaway. We’re a new startup familiar with some of the fun things to do in and around Portland. EugeneStar -Tours & Getaways is a convenient and safe way of getting you to activities and events in Portland and the surrounding areas, returning back to Eugene the same day or next day conveniently and safe!


What Makes Our Tours Unique:

  • Convenient  Convenient  Convenient

  • Newer stylish 12- and 15-passenger vans for local surrounding Eugene tours and Portland events.

  • Smaller groups of 8-14 passengers or all your friends together.

  • Less likely to lose someone or something in a crowd.

  • More flexible, adjusting the trip to your needs as we go.

  • Offering Eugene another means of escape–to all the fun things to do in Portland.

  • For that l-o-n-g, safe, 2-hour ride back to Eugene!

  • Let’s GoTo City  for a night-out!   Maybe to the Moda Center, Blazers or Timbers games offering trips leaving for Portland Friday and Saturday about 3pm, driving your group, returning back Eugene before 2am or sooner

  • Some help over night tours, accommodations and trip itinerary planning.   (we’re still acquiring data)

  • No hassles, no set hours, we’ll feel the mood, hear suggestions, our driver will show you a safe and good time.